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Ana Maria Arévalo Gosen

Ana María Arévalo Gosen, born in 1988 in Caracas, Venezuela, is a visual storyteller whose journey has traversed multiple continents. In 2009, she relocated to Toulouse, France, to pursue studies in Political Science at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques. Here, she discovered her fervent passion for photography at ETPA, Ecole de Photographie. Her quest for knowledge and artistic expression led her to Hamburg, Germany, in 2014, where she embraced the life of a freelance visual storyteller. Now based in Madrid, Arévalo Gosen frequently travels to Latin America to work on her projects. She has dedicated her craft to visual storytelling that champions women’s rights, social justice, and environmental issues

Karin Rehn-Kaufmann is Art Director & Chief Representative Leica Galleries International and holds management responsibility for the 24 Leica Galleries around the world.

Días Eternos (Eternal Days)

The crisis in Latin American penal systems, and the shocking reality for women inmates, stand at the centre of this emotional series. Thousands of women sit in over-crowded prisons and detention centres. They lack everything: space, hygiene, medical care and, above all, respect and justice. With empathy and visual vehemence, the Venezuelan photographer reports on the situation, in a series that has already received a number of awards.

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