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Water Leitmotiv

Fred Mortagne

I’m a self-taught french director and photographer, with the focus of

my work being mostly around skateboarding. My graphical and

geometrical photography is almost exclusively shot in black and

white, and focuses more on the aesthetics and style of the sport,

rather than the performance, while also playing around a lot with

architecture. Spending so much time out in the streets, I keep a

curious eye for other interesting things of life happening, and am

always ready to capture those unique moments. My pictures are a

feast of lines and angles, and my specific compositions – blending

the skateboarders into their environment – make this skateboarding

photography accessible to non-skateboarders.

Also known as French Fred, Fred Mortagne is a unique photographer. His minimalist touch, his attraction to black and white and his photos that are both urban and very architectural make him one of the best skate photographers in the world.

The way he looks at it is very far from sports photography in general. Above all, it seeks to highlight the aesthetic and choreographic beauty of skateboarding, while enhancing the architectures in which skaters evolve. His black and white images depict the mental and

geometric relationship of the individual to his environment, against a backdrop of brutalismon the edge.

In his presentation, Fred will inspire with his aesthetic and provide insight into his workingprocess, blending skateboarding, architecture, street photography and urban comedy.

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