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Arles 2024


The “Boundless” project is a new and unique platform for intercultural exchange between German and French visual creators, made possible by the initiative of one of the most culturally committed representatives of the photographic industry. 


As part of the world-renowned photography festival “Les Rencontres d'Arles”, the fruitful cooperation between the Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Designers (BFF) and Leica AG is manifested in the realization of lectures and knowledge-sharing workshops as part of a symposium. This will address the increasing importance of photography in everyday culture and as a global communication medium in recent years. In addition, the challenges posed by a rapidly changing world and rapid technological progress will be addressed and constructively discussed. 




As part of the LEICA Days in the conference area of the “Hotel Jules César”, the BFF Academy will organize a symposium in order to actively involve young photographers in the development of future photographic technologies, visual languages, forms of presentation and socio-cultural changes at an early stage.


The event is aimed at applied and artistic photographers, photography students and representatives of the media, culture and science. 


The content of the symposium is knowledge transfer, further education and critical discourse. 


The lectures and workshops by renowned, internationally active photographers will make an important contribution to this. Furthermore, discussion forums and special discussion panels will be established for direct exchange. 

02. Juli 2024

03. Juli 2024

04. Juli 2024


In recent years, the festival has increasingly attracted a large German-speaking community that has hardly been involved in any events to date. We want to offer this scene a point of contact and - with the support of Leica France - connect them with French colleagues. 

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